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Please fill in your e-mail address that you used to subscribe to our service. You will receive an e-mail that lets you unsubscribe with a single click of a button.

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+44 1854 330857 offers a non-binding subscription service that gives to its users access to additional services that are otherwise unavailable (or incurring additional costs) for regular customers. Those services include priority delivery and exclusive discounts on the Catalog.

If you are a new customer, you may register for a trial period that is renewed automatically but that can be cancelled at any time.

You may cancel your paid subscription to , or prevent your trial period from getting converted into a paid subscription at any time from your account or here.

Beware: Any cancellation of the service immediately interrupts your access to‘s subscribed members-only privileges.

If your trial period ended without you noticing, the amount of your registration can be fully refunded to you via a simple request to our customer service (by e-mail at or by phone at +44 1854 330857 , local call cost). It’s possible to do that only if you have never used any of the services tied to the subscription, whether it’s a priority delivery, an exclusive discount, or anything else.

Inversely, if you have already used your subscription during the trial period, whether it’s a priority delivery or any other service, is not obliged to refund your registration fees. is an online platform for secured payments. We will automatically sue any person guilty of fraud, embezzlement or improper repudiation of this service. The improper use of a banking card is liable to a penalty of 390000 € and a sentence to prison along with your bank banning your from using a banking card. The IP address saved during the payment will be communicated to the legal authorities to identify precisely the origin of the fraudulent payment.

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